Upskilling Ireland’s Workforce: Following Through on High Ambitions

Summary Report

Fastrack to IT (FIT) is dedicated to addressing the skills requirements of Ireland’s increasingly digitalised economy, demonstrating that wider access to tech skills training leads to exciting career paths and employment opportunities.

This piece of research explores the potential boost to skills supply that can come from the newest frontiers to skills development in Ireland – the upskilling of people already in employment, and life-long learning.

The research focuses on the following:

• Ireland’s New Model of Economic Development outlines the direction of travel that has been set for skills development, in a new generation of strategies for Ireland’s medium, and long-term economic development.

• Working to Overcome Challenges in Ireland’s Labour Market reviews Ireland’s performance, by international standards, and examines the levels of skills wastage in the workforce.

• Accommodating Changes Still Needed in Education focuses on key features of Ireland’s upper secondary school system and the role it plays in anticipating and minimising skills wastage at a later stage.

• The Differential Impact of Covid-19 examines the consequences of the pandemic on Ireland’s workforce, and lessons from previous crisis recoveries are outlined.

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FIT UpSkilling Summary Report
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