New BCS ‘schools guide’ for digital qualifications

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, emphasizes the necessity of integrating digital skills into the core learning curriculum alongside subjects like Mathematics and English. Schools play a pivotal role in nurturing a pool of young individuals equipped with crucial digital skills and knowledge vital for both further education and future employment prospects. To aid this, BCS has developed a diverse array of qualifications and educational materials tailored for schools. These resources aim to support students at various educational stages, fostering skills spanning from online responsibility and digital literacy to foundational robotics and computational thinking. Despite the prevalent use of technology among young people in their daily lives, a survey conducted by BCS revealed that 47% of leaders feel their workforce lacks the requisite digital literacy skills crucial for success in today’s environment. While youths are adept at using technology and handheld devices, they often lack the specific digital competencies necessary for higher education and future job markets, where proficiency in digital skills is becoming increasingly standard across all professions.

Digital Skills are now essential for every pupil leaving school. Download the BCS Schools Guide that lists the must-have digital qualifications to equip your pupils for their future lives and work.

Download the schools guide here:

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