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Some groups involved with Irish Digital Skills

  • European


    Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

    It is predicted that approximately 825,000 ICT vacancies will exist across Europe by 2020.
    In response to this the European Commission has launched the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition initiative to support the development of a large digital talent pool to ensure that supply levels can meet demands.
    Each member country is invited to form a national coalition to enhance digital skills at national level.
    The Irish Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs is committed to supporting the creation of more and better trained ICT professionals and progressing a talent pipeline of young people who are confident in using IT and excited about their career prospects.
    The coalition works to create a collaborative environment, seeking synergies between partner projects and opportunities to cooperate with national coalitions in other countries.

  • Irish


    Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Steering Committee

    The Advisory Board is comprised of a group of IT leaders, educators, policy makers and thought-leaders with a rich experience in driving a digital agenda.
    The board provides expert advice on projects designed to fulfil the needs of the IT profession.

  • ICS


    Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Coordinator

    The Irish Computer Society is a non-profit membership organisation founded in 1967 to support the
    ICT and related professions in Ireland. Its social enterprise division, the ICS Foundation, is charged
    with advocating for digital literacy and the use of technology in education, research and developing policy
    on all aspects of ICT and supporting the ICT profession in Ireland. ICS Foundation are coordinators for the
    Irish Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs in Ireland.

A few words
from our champions

Lord David Puttnam

As Ireland’s Digital Champion I warmly welcome, and am only too happy to
support the establishment of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition with its mandate to create change,
to support the current workforce in becoming professionals with the range
of skills needed to adapt and prosper in a rapidly changing world.

This is an important time for the country to establish an effective coalition;
synchronizing efforts at a national level to make technology available to all –
to equip Ireland’s young people to be competitive on a world stage.
The coalition provides an opportunity to promote national activities and endeavors at the European level.

Our National Coalition will open Ireland to the exchange of best practice with National Coalitions in other member countries.

This is an exciting ambition, and I look forward to watching the outcome as things develop.


e-Health Ireland

eHealth Ireland welcomes the formation of an Irish Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition as
part of the New Skills Agenda for Europe. eHealth Ireland supports the fulfillment of the coalition’s objectives of:

  1. Developing digital skills to enable all citizens to be active in our digital society
  2. Transforming teaching and learning of digital skills in a lifelong learning perspective, including the training of teachers
  3. Developing digital skills for the digital economy, e.g. upskilling and reskilling workers, jobseekers; actions on career advice and guidance
  4. Developing high-level digital skills for ICT professionals in all industry sectors

The objectives related to digital adoption among all citizens complements the eHealth Strategy for Ireland bringing improved population wellbeing through
increased and efficient use of technology. Objectives associated with strengthening professional skills are also part of the eHealth Strategy to enable
a more effective health service.

eHealth Ireland endorses the Irish Computer Society (ICS) as coordinator of an Irish Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition of stakeholder partners,
and supports the effort to collaborate and share best practice within Ireland and across other EU member states.

eHealth Ireland pledges a commitment to this partnership by supporting ICS activities such as IT Professionals Day and Tech Week that promote the coalition objectives.

Minister of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Mary Mitchell 0 ‘Connor, T.D.

I fully endorse the formation of a National Coalition for Ireland as part of the new EU National Digital
Skills and Jobs Coalition. This innovative initiative is well aligned with the Irish National ICT Skills
Action Plan and the Digital Strategy for Schools. Their aim is to increase the supply of ICT professionals
and improve the digital lifelong learning skills of all citizens. Digital skills competency is needed by
individuals in occupations across all sectors of the economy, within both small and large enterprises.
E- leadership skills will help realise the potential of ICT technologies to drive future business and employment growth.

I welcome the lead role of the Irish Computer Society as co-ordinator of a national coalition of stakeholder
partners. I would encourage the collaboration of all stakeholders in the Coalition — including State agencies,
employers, professional bodies, and education and training providers. The Irish Government is fully supportive
of the work of the European Commission aimed at boosting digital skills and talent in Europe.


Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment.

I am writing to convey the support of the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment
for Ireland’s National Coalition under the new EU Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition initiative which is being established by the Irish Computer Society.

We welcome the opportunities presented by the National Coalition for increased collaboration, co-operation
and sharing of best practice both within Ireland and across the broader European coalition.

The Department’s National Broadband Plan and National Digital Strategy are just two of a number of policies
designed to critically support the digital economy in Ireland and deliver the vision of a fully digitally
enabled society. Delivery of ubiquitous high speed broadband under the National Broadband Plan is a strategic priority and the cornerstone of policy. The National Digital Strategy seeks to address the engagement issue by providing the impetus and support for companies, communities and citizens to realise the full social and economic potential of the digital world.

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