Over 80% of workers looking to improve their digital skills

Recent research from Salesforce has shown that only 32% of Irish workers are confident that they have the skills they need for the digital workplace, but that the vast majority are planning to upskill in this area.

The top workplace digital skills for employees in Ireland are skills to use collaborative technology, digital administrative skills, encryption and cyber security, project management and digital marketing.

Irish participants of the study scored highest in advanced everyday digital skills of web navigation and social media and were weakest in data analytics.

Importantly, employees realise the need to improve their digital skills. Only 16% of respondents planned to stay in their current career without adding new skills. Over 50% planned to learn new skills to help them in their current role and 31% planned to learn new skills to progress their career.

Salesforce states: “Many of these in-demand workplace skills — from collaboration tech to cyber security — aren’t found in typical school curriculum, reiterating the need for recruiters to focus less on established education programs and more on the “real world” digital skills.”

ICDL offers certification in almost 30 modules that cover these most in demand digital skills, including Teamwork, which addresses the skills gap in collaborative technology. We continually develop our range of certification programmes, in line with market needs and technological advancements. Find out more about our programmes here.

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