Cyber Security Skills Report 2021

National Survey

Cyber Ireland Ireland’s Cybersecurity Cluster

Authors: Carmel Somers and Dr Eoin Byrne

In 2020, a Cyber Security Skills Survey was conducted with Cyber Ireland members to provide a better understanding of the current labour market for cybersecurity skills in Ireland. Over 80 respondents from industry provided data on: Cyber Security Roles & Certifications, Hiring & Retaining of Staff, Skills & Training, and Gender Diversity Programmes.

The results have highlighted strengths and identified challenges, including Cybersecurity skills gaps (people lacking appropriate skills) and skills shortages (a lack of people available to work in cybersecurity job roles). These shortages are impacting organisations of all sizes (micro, small, medium and large), across a range of sectors, including indigenous and foreign-owned companies.

To address these challenges, recommendations are made that need to be jointly addressed by industry, academia and government.

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Cyber Security Skills Report 2021
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