CommuniCity 2nd Open call

CommuniCity, a project that has received funding from the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA), has published the second round of open calls to find innovative digital technologies addressing the needs of the partnering cities. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, CommuniCity Consortium seeks to engage companies, citizens and associations to participate in a process of co-creation, which results in better quality of life for citizens and especially for the members of marginalised communities.

During this second open call round the host cities are Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Helsinki (Finland) and Porto (Portugal) and replicator cities Aarhus, Bred, Prague and Talinn. Each of these cities has identified specific local challenges and is prepared to run up to six national pilots that aim to solve these challenges.

In addition to addressing the city-specific challenges with sufficient resources, applications are expected to:

  • Increase societal uptake of new technologies and knowledge-based solutions, achieved through better understanding of societal needs and higher societal acceptance.
  • Increase place-based innovation and experimentation, through testing of innovative new solutions in partnership with cities and local communities, research and industry, drawing on local characteristics and strengths.
  • Increase innovation capacity across Europe, through new models of co-creation and exchange of good practices and learning from experimentation, so that innovative solutions are shared and adapted to the needs of local communities.

For more information on the open call, the specific challenges or the eligibility criteria, please follow this link.


  • Up to €12.500 for each applicant
  • If cross-border pilots are executed, the teams can apply for additional grants with amounts of €5 000 and €10 000.
  • Up to 38 applications will receive grants.

The deadline to submit applications is 31 October 2023, 17:00 CET

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CommuniCity 2nd Open call
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