Check out IT salary guide 2023

The recruitment company Sigmar has published a salary guide for IT jobs in 2023. The guide covers the most popular tech jobs, showing what you could earn both as permanent employment and as a contractor. The highest and the lowest salary range is shown, and it is grouped also according to the years of experience and sectors: infrastructure, IT audit and security, application support, commercial and so on.

Thus, according to the guide, a permanently employed IT helpdesk professional with 1-2 years of experience could expect to earn between 30-40k euros per year. A solution architect or a software development project manager with 5+ years of experience would expect to earn between 100k and 130k euros per year.

The estimated salaries are based on the current market rates, taken as annual in euros, based on working in Ireland, and do not include any bonuses or allowances.

Consult the guide here on Sigmar’s website.

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