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Digital skills for everyone

Gaps in digital skills are a challenge – they can create a huge digital divide between people who can make use of the opportunities that emerging technologies provide, and those, who, often unfairly, do not have the capacity to fully benefit from these advantages. There are many actors who should work together to make digital skills a standard for everyone – policy-makers, educational institutions, industry, civil society organisations, and others. And while they collaborate on creating high-level strategies and tools for teaching these skills, regular citizens can contribute too. How? By being proactive, investing their time in building new competences, welcoming new learning experiences.

Skills on emerging technologies

Why should we know more about emerging technologies? First and foremost, to make sure we apply them to our benefit in a safe and responsible way. Think about smart devices – a smart TV, lighting system or coffee machine can save us time and bring extra quality to our lives, not to mention their accessibility features. But at the same time, we should understand how they work in order to protect them from being hacked. On the other hand, comprehending the basic principles of media algorithms and the technology behind them can make us more aware content consumers.

Training offer Information

Website link
Digital skill level
Digital Expert
Type of initiative
EU institutional initiative
Geographic Scope - Country
European Union
Digital technology / specialisation
Artificial Intelligence
Internet of Things
Target language
Target group
Persons who have completed primary education
Target audience
Digital skills for the labour force.
Digital skills for all
Industry - Field of Education and Training
Generic programmes and qualifications not further defined
Typology of training opportunities
Short learning programme
Training duration
Up to 3 months
Type of training record
Single offer
Part time light
Credential offered
Learning activity
Learning activity
lab / simulation / practice coursework
Assessment type
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