Pre-RWOT: increase trust in digital transactions

The Slovenian “PRE-RWOT” online event will take place on 21 September at 2:00 pm to focus on digital identity and blockchain technology.

The event will host three established experts active in blockchain development, digital identity (SSI), e-signature and other e-service solutions. They will discuss the future of the digital economy. 

The technological frameworks put in place by the European Commission in this area, as well as why and how companies should deploy new infrastructures for secure e-commerce to maintain their competitiveness. The “Rebooting the Web of Trust” initiative informs the public about new technologies that are at the forefront of the digitalisation of public services and business, by liaising with various stakeholders at the local and regional levels. More information on RWOT can be found on TUKAJ.


  • Dr Alen Horvat (Netis),
  • Miha Poberaj (Recono),
  • Prof. Dr Muhamed Turkanović (DIH, University of Maribor).

The Event is organised by Blockchain Alliance Europe, Netis, Rekono and Blockchain Lab

Note: the number of places is limited and there is a need for prior registration, which can be made by TUKAJ.

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