Girls Do Code

In the future, ignorance of computer language will be a challenge similar to today’s illiteracy. Although not every work will involve programming in the future, children must learn the basics of understanding programming languages and digital skills, as they learn new ways of thinking about how to break the problem into a series of smaller, more manageable clusters. Information and communication technology (ICT) skills and digital understanding are an asset that we can offer to ensure that all “youth children” are aware and prepared for the world of tomorrow.

Through the Girls Do Code programmegirls will learn about basic programming concepts, and problem-solving methods free of charge, carry out and develop at least 20 own projects and games, learn how to use the internet safely and develop innovation, creativity and teamwork.

The Girls Do Code is organised by the Digital School to increase girls’ interest in technology and other STEM professions, raise the level of digital literacy among them, reduce gender gaps in ICT jobs and dispel the prejudice against women in STEM.

They are convinced that gender should not influence the choice of occupation, nor should a particular profession be reserved for one sex only. This is why 300 girls aged between 10 and 11 from participating primary schools offer free learning of basic programming and logical thinking.

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