New Computer Science Academic Workshop

The British Computer Society (BCS) and IFIP TC3 will hold an open, online workshop running on 25th May 2022. See programme below and join here.


09:00 Introduction and Objectives – Alastair Irons
09.15 IFIP Opportunities and Challenges in University Teaching from TC3 Perspective – Don
09.40 Overview of work BCS for new CS Academics – Alan Hayes
10.05 BCS Academic Package – Holly Porter
10.30 Coffee Break
10.50 International Perspective: Challenges in developing Data Science curriculum – Angela Lee
Siew Hoong
11.15 Early Careers Network for Computer Science academics: Experiences from the point of
view of an Early Careerist – Simon Downs
11.30 Workshop – post it note session Tom Prickett
12.00 Conclusion and way forward – Alastair Iron

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