ICDL Digital Student launched to raise digital skills levels in Irish schools

ICDL Ireland is pleased to announce the brand new ICDL Digital Student programme, designed to empower students to learn real-world skills that enable them to think critically and be more productive learners.

Aligned to the latest Department of Education curricula for Junior Cycle, Transition Year and Senior Cycle, this student-centred digital skills programme focuses on equipping students with key skills and knowledge on the effective use of office productivity tools, online collaboration and emerging technologies.

Digital skills are now considered the third literacy, alongside reading and writing. The Adult Literacy, Numeracy and Digital Literacy Strategy (2021) explains that the meaning of literacy has; “evolved to reflect changes in how we live and the skills needed by individuals to participate fully in society. Having literacy, numeracy and digital capabilities is key to such participation.”

ICDL Digital Student has been specially designed with feedback from schools across the country to offer the specific skillsets that students need at different stages of their secondary school career.

ICDL Digital Student Essentials – for Junior Cycle

Tailored specifically to the needs of students at Junior Cycle, this profile gives students certification in the essential digital skills required for school and life, to ensure safe and confident use of technology. The profile offers enriching eLearning across all modules, so there is no special training required for teachers. It meets key Junior Cycle curriculum objectives and has been specially adapted including two modules only available to schools through this special profile. At only €40 per student, this offers great value to schools and can fit into a 10 week timetable slot.

Find out more at icdl.ie/jc.

ICDL Digital Student – Transition Year profiles

ICDL has developed a range of digital skills profiles to complement existing Transition Year programmes and introduce subjects that will benefit students most at this stage of their school career. eLearning is included with modules across the profiles and certification ensures students receive recognition of their newly learned skills. The new ICDL profiles include Future Ready, to prepare students for the digital classroom and digital workplace, Computer Science as a subject sampler of the new Leaving Certificate subject and Digital Entrepreneur to equip students with skills to create an online business.

In addition to the complete package for each ICDL module, a range of resources are available to schools, from sample timetables, module factsheets, syllabi, free certification for teachers included as standard and a brand new free eBook helping you develop the digital skills offering in your school.

Find out more at icdl.ie/ty.

To discuss ICDL for your school, contact Claudia Delaney, Market Development Manager, directly on 086 046 5666 or claudia.delaney@icdl.ie.

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