Symbiosis with Work and Tech 2 to raise the level of digital competences

Through the Work and Tech programme, participants will develop their digital competences and be trained to work in the field of information support,” they explain in symbiosis. The programme consists of an online course consisting of 5 modules, which the Participants, with the support of the Simbioza team, provide independently. The course takes place in English, is 153 hours and takes place via the Coursera online platform. The online course can be completed within 3-6 months (provided that the participant devotes at least 5 hours per week to the course). 

The young online course consists of several modules:

  • the basis for technical assistance,
  • be and bytes of a computer network,
  • operating systems: Set up an informed user,
  • system administration and IT infrastructure services;
  • It security: Defence against harmful digital systems.

Who is the programme targeted?

The Work and Tech programme is targeted at women over the age of 18 who come from disadvantaged groups and are interested in digital/IT careers. Participation requires a medium level of digital skills (estimated using MyDigiSkills), an initial/medium level of English language proficiency, time availability and appropriate equipment (computer, laptop, internet, microphone, video camera)

Upon successful completion of all modules, the Participants obtain a Google IT Support Professional Certificate (Google IT Support Professional Certificate) allowing them to be recruited in jobs such as system analysts, IT technicians, IT support specialists, computer specialists, etc.

As part of the Simbioza programme, it organises mentoring sessions every second Wednesday of the month at 17.00 dedicated to possible questions and challenges of the Participants. Other content and themes and hosting of representatives from different IT companies, which share their knowledge and experience with the Participants, are also part of the regular meetings. 

More information on the programme is available to TUKAJ, and Simbioza still offers the possibility to apply to the free online course Work and Tech 2 until the vacancies are filled. A short motivation message must be attached to the application filled in by TUKAJ. The Participants shall receive the selection notice by e-mail.  

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