Internal digital transformation: the Commission releases a new strategy

On 30 June, the European Commission adopted their new Digital Strategy under the theme ‘Next Generation Digital Commission’. This new corporate strategy details the concept of a digitally transformed, more agile administration that will work towards the EU achieving their strategic objectives, including the European Green Deal and Europe’s Digital Decade. A fully digitalised Commission will be supported by the smooth cooperation between people, processes, data, and technology. 

On the foundation of the previous 2018 digital strategy of the Commission, this new strategy will be built to provide a corporate approach to streamline current ITinitiatives further, refocus on digital modernisation and innovative service provision

Johannes Hahn, Commissioner for Budget and Administration, said:

“With this new Digital Strategy we show that the Commission is ready to lead by example for the digital transformation of administrations in Europe’s Digital Decade. We want to harness the potential of technology in a way that puts people in the centre and secures the sovereignty and resilience of our institution.”   

The corporate strategy includes five strategic objectives:
•    Foster a digital culture 
•    Enable digital-ready EU policymaking 
•    Empower business-driven digital transformation
•    Ensure a seamless digital landscape 
•    Sustain a green, secure and resilient infrastructure as the foundation of the Commission’s operations and new ways of working.

Accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, the digital transformation of the Commission will continue to gain momentum and a broader scale, going beyond IT. The strategy will strengthen internal cooperation and knowledge sharing between departments and with Member States. Staff will have increased support to boost their digital skills and energy efficient IT equipment will contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable Commission. Resilience against rising cyberthreats will be strengthened through IT security management, a move to zero-trust architecture and a cyber-awareness programme for staff. The progress towards a Digital Commission of the future will be monitored regularly to keep the digital transformation on course. 

Discover the full strategy and more information on the Digital Commission here

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