Individual Skills Accounts: a new upskilling tool is now available in Greece

A new digital upskilling tool for Greek manpower, named Individual Skills Accounts, is now available.  This initiative is recently activated by the Greek Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs (Law No. 4921/2022) and the Greek Public Employment Service is responsible for the implementation.

More specifically, each trainee (unemployed persons and employees) creates and uses his/her personal skills account, to which points are credited to subsidize continuous vocational training, counselling, and mentoring or certification exams.

Accordingly, by using an Individual Skills Account (I.S.A), a trainee:

  • can record not only his/her existing skills but also the skills that he/she can acquire after completing his/her training and upskilling
  • has a budget at his/her disposal to spent on training to improve his/her skills and employability
  • can demonstrate his/her skills based on CVs

On the other hand, the I.S.A provides precious information to the state employment authorities since it facilitates the skills mapping of human resources and the definition of labour market needs, such as digital and green skills. An I.S.A can be used as a digital file describing the identity of the trainee, his/her educational and training background, the subsidiary budget that the employee has used so far and many other things. 

The financing of the I.S.As initiative will initially be subsidized by the Recovery Fund for the National Recovery and Resilience Plan ‘Greece 2.0’.

More information on the initiative, you can find by visiting the official website of the Greek Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

© Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs

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