Bebras Challenge 2020 a huge success!

Almost 10,000 Irish students took part in this year’s Bebras ® Computing Challenge. We were delighted to see the number of participants in Irish schools increasing on last years 6,882 participants in the Official Challenge to 9,556 this year! With pressures on the education system this year its fantastic to have this increase in participation.

The gender balance of these participants was nicely balanced, as usual with:

  • Female – 43%
  • Male – 41%
  • Unknown – 16%

Results have now been sent to coordinators and certs can be downloaded from site by coordinators for all participants.

The Bebras® Computing Challenge introduces computational thinking to students, by allowing them to solve interactive tasks online. It is run in over 50 countries and takes place every November. The tasks can be answered without prior knowledge about computational thinking or information and communication technology. The aim of Bebras is to get students all over the world excited about computing.

The challenges are available for free on the website and you can try by clicking on the Challenges button on Bebras Challenge website. It will show you the correct answer after you have attempted each problem.

The Bebras Challenge is funded in Ireland by the Irish Computer Society and supported by Science Foundation Ireland and Maynooth University.

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