Professional Diploma in Natural Language Processing

On this NFQ Level 9 programme, you’ll explore natural language processing frameworks to understand their core features and usability. You’ll design code to implement solutions to a range of NLP-related problems in your workplace and learn how to use the right technologies, frameworks, and platforms to build natural language processing solutions that work well.

NLP skills are in high demand right across. For example, businesses need NLP to understand customer feedback, monitor brand reputation, and analyze social media interactions. In healthcare, NLP can be used to extract insights from electronic health records and medical literature.

The skills you’ll acquire from this Professional Diploma in NLP are transferable to various job roles. Here are a few examples:

– Data Scientist – In this role, you’ll use NLP to extract insights from text data and build predictive models. You’ll work with large datasets and use statistical methods to find patterns in the data.

– Machine Learning Engineer – As a machine learning engineer, you’ll work on developing algorithms that enable machines to learn from text data. You’ll collaborate with data scientists and software engineers to build and deploy NLP models.

– Computational Linguist – In this role, you’ll work on developing and improving NLP algorithms. You’ll use your understanding of human language to improve the accuracy of NLP models and make them more efficient.

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