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The Irish Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition was launched on 27th April, 2017. It is a multi-stakeholder partnership focussed on tackling the digital skills shortage and on upskilling everybody to take advantage of the digital economy and society. Representatives of academia, all education sectors, industry, the public service, the not-for-profit sector have come together to ensure that Ireland joins in the European effort to leverage the rewards of digitisation.

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What ICT skills for the future?

The development of the “ICT Skills Action Plan, 2014‐2018” predicted demand for ICT to grow at 7.2% over the period. As Ireland makes a strong recovery from recession it is fair to expect the ICT skills gap to widen in the coming years.  (more…)

Ireland 6th most digital country in EU

The 2018 Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), released a few days ago, shows Ireland’s growth in the digital arena. Ireland has risen from 9th place in 2017 to 6th place in this year’s rankings and has cemented its place in the high-performing cluster of countries. (more…)

Sweden, Greece and the Netherlands announce new National Coalitions

  • 3 New National Coalitions, 21 National Coalitions now in EU

Sweden, Greece and the Netherlands now have National Coalitions, bringing the number in the EU to 21 (more…)



Computer Science for the Irish Leaving Cert – Progress and Challenges

at the World Conference of Computers in Education


Irish Digital Coalition Steering Committee and Partner Meeting

at the World Conference of Computers in Education

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