Examining artificial intelligence technologies through the lens of children’s rights

The involvement of children and caregivers in designing new policies and initiatives in the research, policies and industry around artificial intelligence (AI)-based technologies is the main recommendation that has come from a recently published JRC report on Artificial Intelligence and the Rights of the Child

AI-based internet and digital technologies create many opportunities for children, but if not designed and used properly, the technologies may also affect some of their rights negatively, such as their right to protection, participation, education, and privacy. 

The JRC report on AI and the rights of the child aims to ensure that all viewpoints are considered, from parents, teachers and children to policymakers and other stakeholders. The report also includes reflections from experts in the field who participated and contributed to the study. Its findings will be used to support the implementation of several EU strategies, including the EU strategy on the rights of the child, and the EU Strategy for Better Internet for Children (BIK+), and the proposed EU AI Act. 

Read the full report here

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