EKDDA & Microsoft: New framework for cooperation

The main objective of strengthening public administration staff seeking specialised knowledge of cloud technologies is the cooperation of the National Centre of Public Administration and Local Government (EKDDA) with Microsoft through a series of large-scale training programmes. The Academy of Public Employees in Microsoft Technologies, initially launched as part of the National Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs operating in the General Secretariat of Digital Governance & Simplification of Procedures of the Ministry of Digital Governance to train civil servants in Cloud technologies. This cooperation was a good practice at European level and was published on the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform. 5.000 managers have already been trained, of whom 500 have been certified through a very demanding process.

Microsoft Civil Servants Academy in Greece

The aim of the new ΕΚDDΑ cooperation with Microsoft through the Microsoft Civil Servants Academy programme is to enable the EKDDA to participate in Microsoft’s initiative called Microsoft Learn for Educators (MSLE), which is aimed at educational institutions and universities. Participation in the MSLE scheme is open to IT executives looking for specialised knowledge and includes EKDDA Teacher Certification Training in Cloud Technologies (train and certification trainers into Microsoft technologies) providing company training materials, interactive laboratories, vouchers for certification, as well as consultancy services for the development and implementation of new programmes in cloud technologies.

This gives the ΕΚDDΑ the opportunity to create a pool of Microsoft certified trainers in its own registry and to develop new dynamic programmes, building on Microsoft’s know-how.

At the same time, it should help to further strengthen public administration executives who wish to improve their digital skills in office applications (Microsoft Office) by enabling large-scale training programmes to be implemented through a sustainable collaboration for around 250.000 civil servants in different digital skills as part of a project included in the Recovery Fund.

Civil servants certified in the education and training programmes of EKDDA and Microsoft will be awarded points, which will apply to all 500 civil servants already certified in cooperation with stakeholders through the initiative of the National Alliance for Digital Skills and Employment.

Public cooperation with Microsoft is only one dimension of the flagship training programme for all 250.000 civil servants, which is funded with EUR 30 million from the Recovery Fund and is due to be completed in 2025.

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