Cybersecurity skills for France: 3 key actors join forces to support learning

On 24 March 2022 PIXANSSI, and joined forces for a new partnership, which aims to address the impact of digitalisation on society, education, and the labour force in France. 

Digitalisation is increasing in all realms in France, but digital skills are falling behind: and the cooperation between France’s main public education bodies is set to remedy this. The COVID-19 pandemic in Europe also brought changes, highlighting the urgent need for basic, intermediate, and advanced cybersecurity skills throughout Europe. Moreover, according to PIX, 90% of cybersecurity incidents in France occur due to human error. Cybersecurity is more relevant than ever: and education systems need to respond to this reality and provide options for citizens to master advanced skills in this area.  

Launch of online repository for educators and trainers in France

Pix was founded in 2016 as a non-profit public organisation in France, which aims to improve digital literacy all over the world. Behind Pix stands a team of more than 70 international experts who work on digital skills and jobs in various areas. ANSSI, the French National Agency for the Security of Information Systems, joined Pix and, with the support of the French Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports, to offer a practical online repository for education and training stakeholders on digital skills and provide access to educators and training providers. 

The repository focuses on the broad topic of cybersecurity: from good practices to tips and advice on online behaviour, use of digital tools, good practices in online teaching and learning, awareness of existing threats, aiming to engage the entire community in safe internet practices. 

Why an online repository for cybersecurity skills? 

Representatives of all public bodies welcomed the partnership. According to Aurélie Bauer, Head of the ISS Training Centre at ANSSI, cybersecurity is an urgent and major challenge – and one that is highly correlated with the digitisation of society. In the words of Jérôme Notin, CEO of, awareness is key to understanding online security concepts and their evolution, and the new repository offers a way for teachers and educators to use digital resources and online tools to instil knowledge. 

The long-term partnership will pool expertise and support the development and design of innovative digital education tools for increased knowledge in cybersecurity for all. According to Benjamin Marteau, Director of Pix, the ultimate goal is helping people progress, and increasing the cybersecurity literacy of students, workers, and everyone in France – an aspect which also contributes to a better digital sovereignty. 

Read more about the initiative on PIX’s official page

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