Council recommends European approach to micro-credentials

On 16 June, the Council of the EU released their recommendations regarding micro-credentials and how a pan-European approach is essential to strengthen lifelong learning, particularly through the application of a common EU definition, EU standards and key principles for the design and issue of micro-credentials. Micro-credentials detail the learning outcomes that a learner has developed following a small volume of learning.

The goal is that member states, stakeholders, and providers, from education and training institutions to private companies, develop and use micro-credentials in a consistent way. This would allow EU citizens to take advantage of personalized learning and career pathways.

The Covid-19 pandemic as well as the digital and green twin transitions have increased the need for people to develop knowledge, skills, and competences which are critical for the current changing labour markets. While businesses are faced with the challenge of an insufficient supply of relevant skills, workers are faced with changes in how work is organised.

Discover the full Council proposal and recommendation here.

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