Fundamentals of Blockchain Technology

Explore the fundamentals of blockchain technology, understand the latest developments in the blockchain space, and uncover how it can be used to solve business problems.


Fundamentals of Blockchain Technology (10 ECTS credits)

Fundamentals of Blockchain Technology is the first module delivered as part of a larger Level 9, Postgraduate Certificate in Blockchain for Leaders* (30 ECTS credits). The postgraduate certificate is a modular programme, which consists of three separate modules that can be stacked together to obtain a postgraduate certificate or taken separately to obtain 10 ECTS credits each.

  • Module 1: Fundamentals of Blockchain Technology (10 ECTS Credits) – 13 weeks – commencing January 2024.
  • Module 2: Blockchain Digital Transformation (10 ECTS Credits) – start date TBC
  • Module 3: Blockchain for Decentralized Finance (10 ECTS Credits) – start date TBC

*Parchment will read Postgraduate Certificate in Blockchain for Managers. All three modules must be completed in order to obtain a postgraduate certificate.

Blockchain is a disruptive technology platform, transforming the way many industries will carry out trusted transactions into the future. Being able to identify the right blockchain solutions to support your business is critical.

Upon completion of these modules, you will be able to provide an overview of the nuanced characteristics of blockchain technologies and identify blockchain solutions and services which organisations can adopt.

You will learn about various blockchain use cases from different industries and evaluate how other technologies, such as cloud computing, IoT and AI, are fusing with blockchain.

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