DORA Certified Compliance Specialist

Learn how you can comply with DORA by becoming a DCCS – DORA Certified Compliance Specialist. Our on-demand course incorporates online exams and is supported with access to live training sessions.
The clock is ticking, the compliance deadline is Jan 17th 2025

“This is like GDPR on steroids and is the most positive catalyst to improve digital operational resilience in the financial sector ever!” (Paul C Dwyer)

Do you want to avoid potential fines of up to 2% of your entity’s total annual worldwide turnover?

The Digital Operational Resilience Act, or DORA, is a regulatory initiative carried out by the EU to harmonise Information and Communication Technology (ICT) risk requirements across Europe in the financial services industry.

It builds on existing institutional EU requirements that manage information and communication risks and compliments what is being implemented in the UK and other countries as well.

DORA aims to prevent and mitigate cyber threats and ensure that financial entities can withstand, respond to, and recover from all types of ICT related disruptions and threats.

DORA IS IN FORCE FROM JANUARY 16TH 2023. The clock is ticking, the compliance deadline is January 17th 2025

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