AI: Here for Good A National Artificial IntelligenceStrategy for Ireland

AI is not a technology of the future, it is a technology of the present. Given its wide application to all sectors, and its high capacity for impact, growth and contribution to improving competitiveness, AI is one of the technologies with the greatest potential for transformation in all areas of productive activity. But not just that, AI also poses significant opportunities in addressing and overcoming pressing social challenges and creating new value and possibilities for everyone not just the economy. The National AI Strategy therefore sets out a high-level direction, so we are best able to harness AI as a positive force for transformation.

Underpinning this Strategy are three core principles to best embrace the opportunities of AI – adopting a human-centric approach to the application of AI; staying open and adaptable to new innovations; and ensuring good governance to build trust and confidence for innovation to flourish, because ultimately if AI is to be truly inclusive and have a positive impact on all of us, we need to be clear on its role in our society and ensure that trust is the ultimate marker of success. With these guiding principles, it is our ambition to put Ireland at the frontier of a people-centred, ethical and responsible rollout of AI.

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Digital skills for ICT professionals and other digital experts.
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Artificial Intelligence
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Digital Expert
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National initiative
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