She Can Do IT: A new organization to support women in tech

The organization “She Can Do IT” was founded by 11 women working in the field of information technology (IT) with the aim of promoting awareness in society about women and technology. All of them are united by the fact that they previously worked in another industry. And on the way to work in the IT field, they most needed the advice and support of mentors to fight stereotypes.

Any woman is invited to join the She Can Do IT community when the idea of working in the IT field. By becoming a member of community, participants gain access to a support network of talented professionals, mentors, and resources to help them grow in all areas of technology, from engineering and design to product management, quality assurance, and cybersecurity.

Any interested party is invited to register on the She Can Do IT website and to fill out the questionnaire, indicating their interests in the IT field and emphasizing what support would be required.

The digital age offers a wide range of career opportunities for people with different skills and interests. Popular IT areas that can serve as a starting point for exploring career paths.

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