Post-pandemic labour market recovery in sight

CEDEFOP’s online Skills-OVATE tool has seen an increase in the number of online job advertisements (OJAs) suggesting that in 2021Europe’s labour market isrecovering from the disruption caused by coronavirus. 

Skills-OVATE offers detailed information on the jobs and skills that employers are looking, based on online job advertisements from across 28 European countries. In 2021, the number of online job advertisements was 52% higher compared to the previous year and almost double from 2019, pre-pandemic. However, these numbers of job postings do not automatically translate into job creation and employment growth. The trends do imply that the talent search is on the rise and as recovery progresses, businesses are becoming more optimistic.

In Slovenia, The Netherlands, Croatia, Poland, Lithuania, Italy and Portugal, the number of OJAs grew by 100%or more in 2021. In Bulgaria, however, the number of OJAs posted declined slightly compared to 2020. The growth of OJAs was most significant in the second quarter of 2021. 

The pandemic also had a more structural impact in labour market dynamics, due to social distancing measures, recruitment through the use of online job portals increased. Compared to 2019, OJAs for roles in production, construction, health, and social care – those less advertised digitally before the pandemic – grew fastest. A visible shift from traditional recruitment channels to OJAs was also seen in hospitality, sales, personal services sectors. 

In 2022, CEDEFOP will continue to expand its Skills-OVATE analysis in order to monitor trends and advise European VET and skills policy

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