Launch of the Transparency Centre

On the week of February 6 2023, the Transparency Centre was launched by the signatories of the 2022 Code of Practice on Disinformation. The signatories include all major online platforms (Google, Meta, Microsoft, TikTok, Twitter) and to mark the occasion of the launch, baseline reports on how the signatories have turned the commitments from the Code into practice were published.

The Transparency Centre strives to ensure visibility and accountability of the signatories’ efforts to fight disinformation and the implementation of the commitments taken under the Code. The baseline reports published highlight:

  • How platforms are preventing advertising revenue from flowing to disinformation actors
  • The number of political ads accepted and labelled or rejected
  • Instances of manipulative behaviours detected
  • Information about the impact of fact-checking

All signatories to the Code submitted their reports in a timely manner using an agreed, harmonised reporting template aiming to address all the commitments and measures they signed onto. While all signatories provided their reports, Twitter’s lacked data on how they were empowering the fact-checking community. The next set of reports from major online platform signatories is due in July and will provide further insight on the Code’s implementation and more stable data.

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