Open Ireland

CONNECT, the Science Foundation Ireland research centre for future networks, has launched Open Ireland, a €2 million research infrastructure to support advanced experimentation in communications networks.

The infrastructure will be managed by Dr Marco Ruffini, Associate Professor in Optical Network Architectures in the School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College Dublin. It will include a dedicated fibre connection between Trinity and DCU’s Glasnevin campus, as well as the deployment of macro and small cells to provide radio coverage.

Open Ireland will be used by researchers from academia and industry to explore new applications and services for future networks.

The testbed will also be used to develop new networking technologies and to test the performance of existing technologies. This could help to improve the efficiency, reliability, and security of future networks.

Open Ireland is funded primarily by Science Foundation Ireland’s ‘Research Infrastructure Programme’. Additional contributions are expected from companies who will collaborate with academic researchers to explore new applications and services.

The launch of Open Ireland is a significant milestone for the research community in Ireland. It will provide a valuable resource for researchers to develop and test new networking technologies, and to explore new applications and services for future networks.

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Open Ireland
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