In German universities, professorships specialised in AI have grown faster than planned

At universities in Germany, the number of professorships specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) has grown faster than planned.

According to the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, 100 additional professorships have been filled since 2018. The government had originally aimed to achieve this target in its Artificial Intelligence strategy by 2025.

“In this way, we ensure that we continue to be among the world leaders in research in this area and that new findings quickly reach teaching and young researchers and specialists” said the Minister for Research Bettina Stark-Watzinger (FDP) to the German Press Agency. AI is a key technology with great potential for German science, business and society, and the Ministry supports the establishment of the professorships with millions of euros.

Artificial Intelligence can be found in many areas: examples are self-parked cars, voice assistants and adaptive machines – but also purchase suggestions in the online shop or playlists in streaming services, which are calculated on the basis of previous consumer behavior of machines.

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