European Digital Skills Awards 2023: 330 applications received!

A total of 330 applications were received for the European Digital Skills Awards 2023 edition.

With 93 applications in Digital Skills for Education, 88 in Inclusion in the Digital World, 60 in Digital Upskilling @ Work36 in Women in ICT Careers, and 52 in Empowering Youth in Digital, it’s clear that the future of digital skills is looking brighter than ever.

Italy takes the lead with 83 applications, followed closely by Spain with 60 and Portugal with 52. Other countries such as Austria, Belgium, Germany, and Greece all submitted a similar number of applications, ranging from 30 to 35France, Poland, and Romania each submitted 25 applications, rounding out the top ten countries with the most submissions.

It was amazing to read about so many innovative projects on digital skills being organised every year in Europe at the EU, national, and regional levels. It was nice to see such great enthusiasm and also challenging to choose the best ones as finalists. One standout detail to highlight is the inspiring number of projects supporting Ukrainian refugees. A special mention will be dedicated to these initiatives.

The Finalists for the 2023 edition will be revealed on Tuesday 30 May during the EDSA23 Online  Ceremony. Registrations to participate in the online event will open soon and more details will be shared soon. Stay connected and subscribe to the Digital Skills and Jobs Digest to know the next #EDSA23 updates.

Thanks to all the organisations who have submitted their projects for the Awards, we are looking forward to celebrating the finalists with you all.

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