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» EU budget for the future

EU budget for the future

The EU has announced over €120 billion in funding to support Digital Transformation and Research & Innovation.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation holds the key to unlocking future growth in Europe. Through dedicated programmes and targeted financial support, the future long-term budget of the EU will help to bridge the EU’s digital investment gap, including in remote and rural areas. It will tackle digital challenges, from artificial intelligence to the promotion of digital skills, from personalised medicine based on supercomputer calculations to the capacity to equip the EU against cyberattacks and cybercrime.The Commission proposes to create a new Digital Europe programme with an overall budget of €9.2 billion to shape and support the digital transformation of Europe’s society and economy.

The digital strand of the Connecting Europe Facility has a budget of €3 billion which will finance digital connectivity infrastructure.

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Research & Innovation

EU support for research and innovation adds value by encouraging cooperation between research teams across countries and disciplines that is vital in making breakthrough discoveries. It allows the EU to deliver on priorities such as the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Building on the success of the EU’s past flagship research and innovation programmes, the Commission proposes to increase investment in research and innovation by allocating €114.8 billion from the future long-term EU budget.

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Published by Ciara Stack on May 30, 2018

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