Quantum Computing Pathways for Business Leaders

Quantum computing is anticipated by many to have a big impact on innovation and businesses at a global level. This course will supply Business Leaders with an overview of quantum technologies and related applications, including their potential impact on business strategies.

Quantum computing is expected to revolutionize various industries globally, with Europe investing over €1 billion in its development. The “Quantum Computing for Business Leaders” course focuses on the business side of quantum computing, recognizing its potential to disrupt sectors like finance, engineering, ICT, healthcare, and more. Offering flexible, blended learning, it targets executives and managers, equipping them with essential skills to harness the opportunities presented by this transformative technology. Industry-driven, the course was designed with input from a diverse advisory board, ensuring its relevance across sectors. By completing this program, participants gain insights into the value of quantum computing, its impact on sectors, and strategies to leverage its potential in business contexts.

This course employs a blended learning approach, allowing flexible access to learning materials at one’s convenience. Tailored for executives, it delves into quantum computing’s capabilities and future impact, ensuring participants stay updated on the latest trends and technologies in the field. The course structure includes two sessions, each spanning two weeks and encompassing recorded lectures, live tutorials via video conferencing, supported exercises, and recommended self-study material. This format not only facilitates interaction between business leaders, training providers, and peers but also offers comprehensive insights into quantum computing within manageable timeframes.

To qualify for grant-aided fees, applicants must be employed in a private or semi-state organization registered in the Republic of Ireland. This government-funded training network exclusively supports individuals meeting these criteria. Those ineligible for part-funded fees can enrol directly with ICHEC, paying the full course fee. No specific academic prerequisites are required for application. The full course fee is €1,000, with a Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet grant covering €251, leaving a student cost of €749 for eligible applicants.

You can find out more and apply through this link: https://ictskillnet.ie/courses/quantum-computing-pathways-for-business-leaders/

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Digital skills for ICT professionals and other digital experts.
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Quantum Computing
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Persons requiring employment retraining
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Up to 4 weeks
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