Iasa Foundation Course for All Business Technology Architects

This in person course will prepare you to deal with the most difficult aspects of architecture practice. It is not simply foundational it is Core! Even very senior architects have benefited from the well researched and proven techniques that have gone into connecting and using these critical elements.

Candidates will be eligible for part-funded fees providing they are working in private or commercial semi state organisations registered in the Republic of Ireland.

Training offer Information

Target audience
Digital skills for ICT professionals and other digital experts.
Digital technology / specialisation
Geographic Scope - Country
Industry - Field of Education and Training
Software and applications development and analysis
Digital skill level
Target language
Target group
High Achievers
Type of initiative
National initiative
Assessment type
Classroom based
Training duration
Up to 1 week
Type of training record
Single offer
Training Start date
Part time light
Credential offered
Learning activity
Typology of training opportunities
Learning activity
educational programme
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