Iasa Foundation Course for All Business Technology Architects

This course equips individuals to navigate the most challenging aspects of technology architecture practice. It’s not merely foundational; it forms the core, benefiting even seasoned technology architects with well-researched and proven techniques.

Exceptional architects are grounded in three key domains:

  1. Understanding Business Concepts – This skill set involves comprehending the intricacies of how businesses operate and influence architecture. These concepts encompass Business Models, Customer Journeys utilizing Personas, Capabilities linked to Objectives, Value Methods, Investment Planning, and Roadmapping.
  2. Technology Design and Delivery – Success in architecture hinges on technological depth, breadth, and design. Architects should adeptly handle design aspects such as Patterns, the interrelationship among primary Requirements, Decisions, and Quality Attributes, Architecture Analysis, Deliverables, Products/Projects, Services, and Quality Assurance. Proficiency in these areas requires practical experience, having worked on and supported various facets in a production-like environment.
  3. Engaging with Stakeholders – Often underestimated and inadequately trained for, managing stakeholders is the most challenging aspect of the job. Dealing with human dynamics, where decision-making lines and influence are blurred, presents a chaotic landscape in companies. Understanding Stakeholders, Employee Culture, Mindset, Engagement Models along with Deliverables, and Engagement Touchpoints are crucial competencies that tie into effective stakeholder management.

The Irish chapter of Iasa Global provides a comprehensive 5-day in-person training program tailored by experts. This course by Iasa is designed for individuals aspiring to engage in architectural work. It targets those with fundamental knowledge and experience in system development, such as developers, project managers, information modelers, or process developers.

To benefit from grant-aided fees, applicants must be employed in a private or commercial semi-state organization registered in the Republic of Ireland, such as Business, Consultant, or Freelancer. As a government-funded training network, support is exclusively available to those meeting these specific criteria.

Individuals ineligible for part-funded fees have the option to enroll directly with IASA and pay the full course fee. Academic eligibility requires applicants to possess basic knowledge and experience in system development, working in roles like developer, project manager, information modeler, or process developer.

The full course fee amounts to €2,500, with a Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet grant covering €500, resulting in a student cost of €2,000 for eligible applicants. However, part-funded fees are solely accessible to individuals meeting the outlined eligibility criteria.

To find out more and apply, visit https://ictskillnet.ie/courses/iasa-foundation-course-for-business-technology-architects/

Training offer Information

Target audience
Digital skills for ICT professionals and other digital experts.
Digital technology / specialisation
Geographic Scope - Country
Industry - Field of Education and Training
Software and applications development and analysis
Digital skill level
Target language
Target group
High Achievers
Type of initiative
National initiative
Assessment type
Classroom based
Training duration
Up to 1 week
Type of training record
Single offer
Training Start date
Part time light
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Typology of training opportunities
Learning activity
educational programme
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