A Micro-Credential Roadmap: Currency, Cohesion and Consistency.

This report provides a roadmap of recommendations, informed by feasibility research conducted by the National Institute of Digital Learning (NIDL) in conjunction with the Irish Institute of Digital Business in Dublin City University (DCU) in collaboration with a consortium of five Skillnet Networks: Aviation Skillnet, ICBE Advanced Productivity Skillnet, ICBE Business Excellence Skillnet, Galway Executive Skillnet, and Taste4Success Skillnet.

The report is timely as national and international initiatives such as the European Commission’s new Skills Agenda for Europe (European Commission, 2020), identify Micro-Credentials as key building blocks in response to the challenge of developing 21st Century transversal skills and promoting new life-long and life-wide learning pathways.

Recently, the European Commission has developed a dedicated website discussing the core questions regarding Micro-Credentials. Indeed, the Skillnet Ireland Statement of Strategy 2021-2025 is also reflective of these trends to support “people development” across sectors, through a Micro-Credential approach. Adopting smaller forms of credentialed learning (such as Micro-Credentials), when embedded in a coherent framework, may deliver more flexible, stackable and transformative learning experiences for both employees and employers.

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