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The and the Spanish Red Cross (ECR) are recognised as bodies in the third sector, which have been developing employment programmes within the framework of the Structural Funds over the past 19 years, targeting those who have the greatest difficulty in accessing the labour market, belonging to vulnerable groups.

In view of the changes in the labour market and those expected in the digital transformation, and by questioning what and how we can transform our employment approaches and programmes to remain effective, we consider updating teams, methodologies and interventions with the beneficiaries of these programmes through a joint project called Empleando Digital.

Get to know the project

This project aims to improve the integration of these people into the labour market through experimentation and further development of actions and new methodologies for socio-occupational pathways linked to the labour market in the digital age to this end, it aims to:

  • Implementing the digital culture in the professionals of the employment teams of both organisations, training and reporting on changes in the labour market, the impact of this on their role and looking at digital tools for the development of personalised integration pathways.
  • Adapting, testing and evaluating training and learning models in basic, transversal and professional skills in traditional occupations entering a digital environment.
  • Adapting, implementing and evaluating new technology development professions in the digital labour market for groups at risk of exclusion.
  • Transform the methodology of personalised analogue employment pathways combined with digital models for vulnerable groups at risk of exclusion.
  • To contribute to reducing the gender gap and promoting the professional diversification of women through all the solutions and transformations put in place.
  • Evaluating tested actions and methodologies using systems that transfer and consolidate innovations

Why is this a good practice?

The proposal developed is specific to groups with particular difficulties, such as the Roma community, women distant from the world of work, unemployed people older than 45, young people with low qualifications, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, etc., for whom the digital divide can lead to double vulnerability, making it even more difficult for them to access the labour market.

The Digital Jobs project prepares people, improving their digital skills, so that they can access the opportunities of an increasingly digital labour market, and does so through intensive work with employment teams and in collaboration with allied companies, as well as Accenture, a key ally in this project.

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